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Welcome to Day Care 4 Paws!

Day Care 4 Paws: who's coming to play today?

Here at Day Care 4 Paws we specialise in the care of your dog while you’re out at work or when you just need to go out for the day. We provide physical and mental stimulation for your dog enabling them to play and rest throughout the day to suit their own needs. We provide a safe, fully enclosed area to enable your dog to enjoy his or her time with us, whether it be a frequent visit or just a one off. Day Care 4 Paws is also a perfect way for your dogs to socialise with other dogs which can often be difficult during our busy lives when people are dashing about making sure their dog has done its business while out on a walk but not necessarily giving them time to explore, sniff, scratch and play around with one another. This can eventually lead to a stressed dog who no longer enjoys their walkies. This also makes Day Care 4 Paws an ideal place to bring your new puppy, even if it is just two or three times a week – you’ll have one very well socialised and extremely well rounded and very happy puppy! Equally, once you pick your dog up from the Centre, the first thing they want to do is curl up for a snooze when you get home rather than leaping all over you demanding you take them out for a walk immediately! So it is very much a win-win situation and one which we feel you will be very happy with! If you have been considering using a dog walker or a dog sitter then we are confident you’ll be amazed by our prices – enabling you to have your dog or puppy cared for for a minimum of 5 hour blocks (half day sessions) all for just £8!

WilfWe are the only large-scale dog day care centre in the Consett/Derwentside area of County Durham. With around 1000 sq ft of internal play and over 200 sq ft of outdoor play – all fully enclosed – Day Care 4 Paws is the perfect place for your four legged best friend.

Of course you’ll want to come and have a look around before registering so please feel free to pop over for a look around. We put the safety and enjoyment of your dog before anything else so we can only accept dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and people. We don’t kennel or crate dogs and free-play is what your dogs love most so we simply cannot accept dogs that won’t mix well with the other visitors. All dogs must be vaccinated and we will ask to see your vaccination records. All dogs undergo an assessment for temperament which involves introducing them to a few dogs at a time to see how they react. This assessment is of course FREE and there is no obligation to join.

Any size or breed of dog will be accepted on successful completion of the assessment. Whether you wish to use Day Care 4 Paws on just an occasional basis right the way up to five days a week, we can provide a fabulous time for both you and your dog. With prices starting from the equivalent of just £7, we undercut a large number of dog walkers who charge this sort of sum of money for just a 30 minute or 60 minute walk! So not only do we offer a “5-paw” service we are also superb value for money!

We take the guilt away from owning a puppy or dog but having to work and leave your beloved pooch at home on their own and we also take the stress away from never quite knowing how much damage aforementioned pooch has left for your return home!

For your dog or puppy:

  • Exercise and play with other dogs,
  • Socialisation with other dogs and new people,
  • Relief from boredom and loneliness,
  • Prevention of distructive behaviour or disruptive behaviour (e.g. barking and annoying your neighbours while you’re out),
  • In-house basic training teaching them manners and respect for those around them (both of the dog and human variety)
For you and your family:

  • You pick up a content and tired but happy dog,
  • Your dog is unlikely to immediately want to go out for “walkies” when you get in from a long day in the office,
  • Your whole relationship with your dog is likely to improve – more relaxed dog = more relaxed owner,
  • You can lay your guilty conscience to rest,
  • Your neighbours will never complain again and your house won’t get trashed!

We are situated in Unit 5, Derwentdale Industrial Estate, Blackhill, Consett, County Durham, DH8 8PZ. For your convenience, we’ve worked out some travelling times as we appreciate most people will be enroute to or from work when they use Day Care 4 Paws for doggy day care purposes:

  • Approx 5 minutes from Consett town centre,
  • 6 minutes from Tesco supermarket on Delves Lane, Consett,
  • 6 minutes from the Villa Real roundabout in Consett,
  • 7 minutes from the A68 at Castleside,
  • 7 minutes from the B6309/A694 junction at the bottom of Ebchester Hill,
  • 10 minutes from Lintzford Garden Centre on the outskirts of Rowlands Gill
  • 11 minutes from the Stockerley Lane/A691 junction towards Lanchester

We are perfectly placed for commuters travelling in all manner of different directions without the hassle of bumping into any major traffic issues, even at rush-hour.

Ran by a qualified Animal Behaviourist and Dog Trainer, here at Day Care 4 Paws we can also offer 1:1 behavioural consultations for a variety of issues including separation anxiety, aggression, fear related problems, stress, problems with travelling in a car, integrating with children or other family pets and a whole range of other things. These issues can be tackled in our premises or if they are specifically related to something that happens at home or if you feel your dog would benefit from a home consultation, we are happy to offer this service too. We also offer training as part of our Day Care and we always instill good manners which includes no jumping up or barging, basic obedience such as sit, stay, lie down, etc. In addition to this we also run dog training classes and puppy classes too at amazing prices.

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I have used Daycare 4 Paws for nail cutting and day care services. Elvis loves coming to play, its a great way to socialise your dogs in a safe and friendly setting. The staff are fantastic and I will continue to use this service for as long as its available.

– Elvis’s owner


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